Federal Research Awards Total $119 Million
The new leaders of the undergraduate Student Government Association begin their terms at a critical moment in Georgia Tech’s history and want to bring students to the table.
Events throughout the month of October offer a glimpse into the wide-ranging commitment to sustainability at Georgia Tech.
This multidisciplinary event series takes place every fall and is centered on innovation and designed to foster cooperation and exchange between France and the U.S. Southeast.
ManTech to support development of cyber technology entrepreneurs and startups
The Georgia Institute of Technology is once again being recognized for its excellence on a global scale — this time by the Times Higher Education 2024 World University Rankings.
Cybersecurity master’s student Sneha Talwalkar and GTRI Principal Research Scientist Courtney Crooks are working to build the framework of an AI tool with the goal of providing support and protection to domestic abuse survivors.
Georgia Tech researchers have uncovered eco-friendly bacterial proteins that stabilize methane clathrates, offering a green solution to climate challenges and potential implications for astrobiology.
As a result of proactive financial planning, most Institute operations would not be immediately affected. The longer a shutdown lasts, the greater the likelihood that operational changes would be necessary. 
On the one-year anniversary of the launch of Sustainability Next, a publicly available version of the plan is being released and several plan initiatives are coming to life.