Georgia Tech cybersecurity and privacy researchers have uncovered a significant threat that exploits a vulnerability in the Safari web browser
Georgia Tech researchers are working with service providers to take on new malware that disguises its malicious traffic as benign.
A new tool developed at Georgia Tech is proving to be highly effective against online malicious ads.
A new eye-tracking system developed at Georgia Tech uses a lensless camera to reduce the size and weight of VR/AR headsets, improves efficiency, and enhances user privacy.
Georgia Tech is advancing efforts to responsibly integrate extended reality programs into its service offerings across academic, research, and administration spaces.  
The researchers’ results have created a new resource for developing next-generation, ultra-sensitive quantum electronic devices.
The project aims to accelerate direct air capture development while significantly reducing costs.
Under Van Hentenryck, the AI Hub will focus on developing trustworthy AI for social impact in science, engineering, and education.
Debra Lam discusses the use of AI in transportation innovation
A team of Georgia Tech researchers is the first to study the relationship between fluctuations in attention and the brain network patterns within low-frequency 20-second cycles.