Researchers from the School of Cybersecurity and Privacy and the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering are collaborating to secure vulnerable infrastructure from online attacks.
The National Institute of Health (NIH) has awarded Yunan Luo a grant for more than $1.8 million to use artificial intelligence (AI) to advance protein research.
The feasibility study by Georgia Tech researchers explores using conditional normalizing flows (CNFs) to convert seismic data points into usable information and observable images. This potential ability could make monitoring underground storage sites more
Georgia Tech cybersecurity and privacy researchers have uncovered a significant threat that exploits a vulnerability in the Safari web browser
A School of Computational Science and Engineering faculty member is co-leading a $1.5M National Science Foundation grant to mitigate flood risks.
Georgia Tech researchers are working with service providers to take on new malware that disguises its malicious traffic as benign.
A new tool developed at Georgia Tech is proving to be highly effective against online malicious ads.
Trey Quinn will leave Georgia Tech with two degrees and a victory over the Ramblin’ Wreck.
Members of the Student Government Association’s IT Board help students improve their digital experience and receive on-the-job training to jump-start their careers.
The Office of Information Technology recently discovered an email phishing scheme that was sent to some members of our campus community.