The report presents life-cycle assessment as an essential tool in helping researchers and policymakers evaluate low-carbon fuel standards to reduce emissions.
Chemists and engineers collaborate on process that washes away nonconductive side chains from a robust polymer backbone to create a powerful conductive plastic.
Georgia Tech aerospace engineering student Mirza Samnani volunteered more than 1,000 hours to develop early warning systems for avalanches in Tajikistan.
Employee Learning Week 2022 is Dec. 5 – 9. The week is being recognized internationally, as well as by the Georgia Governor's Office.
It turns out that being too emotive in a pitch can make investors feel manipulated and dissuade them from giving money.
Costumes in the annual Trinidad and Tobago Carnival often inspire awe because of their extravagance, flamboyancy, and — for some dancing sculptures — their size.
Georgia Tech is serving as mission control for Lunar Flashlight, which will launch this week and orbit the moon this spring.
All active employees (faculty, staff, Tech Temps, retired-but-working, and student employees) hired on or before Oct. 3, 2022, are required to complete the 2022 Annual Compliance Training no later than Monday, Dec. 19.
Thanksgiving Break is quickly approaching, and while some people are going to be making the journey home, many are staying on campus.
For those who are still scrambling for the picture-perfect Commencement attire, here are some tips to help out.