Probing the Link between Microbial Diversity and Ecosystem Responses to Environmental Change
This session will focus on the Global Research and Internship Program (GRIP)--which is open to Tech students at all levels to do research or intern abroad.
Join this webinar to learn how to juggle interviewing and considering offers from multiple companies - from what to say and when to evaluating the merits of each and making an informed choice.
Join us for a fun time with other LASO members!
Velocity is our weekly worship gathering.
Networking is pivotal to the job search and application process. Learn how to utilize networking platforms, approach recruiters, and market yourself for employment.
This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the learning engagement features offered in PointSolutions.
Learn more about the PMML program and application process in this one-hour, online info session.
Come out to our weekly general body meeting to interact with members, learn about all of our amazing upcoming opportunities, and network with W.L. Gore!